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From the moment you contact us for dispatch needs, 2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC will oversee all aspects of the freight dispatcher logistics to make sure every owner/operators freight terms and payments are convenient and acceptable. We partner with owner operators to become a back-office extension of your operations by finding top paying, quality freight to be delivered. We handle paperwork, phones calls, emails, freight rate negotiations, credit checks and support our carriers with roadside assistance. Basically, we allow carriers to focus on the road, earn more revenue and most importantly save operational costs to increase their bottom line.


We assist in break down assistance, weather and traffic assistance and more. You're the boss and were here to assist you.

Dry Van

If you are looking for a truck dispatcher to manage your dry van freight, you’ve found the right 2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC company that can help you achieve a peace of mind through professional truck dispatching services. Reach out today.


If you are looking for a flatbed freight dispatcher to manage your flatbed or conestoga freight, 2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC has you covered. We offer professional freight dispatcher services for serious truckers. Reach out to our freight dispatchers.

Power Only

If you are looking for a Power Only freight dispatcher to manage your tractor only to pick up a trailer without its own trailer. Reach out to our freight dispatchers.


If you are looking for a reefer freight dispatcher to manage your reefer freight, our freight dispatcher at 2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today to speak to one of our expert freight dispatcher.

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Rate Negotiation

We understand that you are looking to make money, and so we will always aim to negotiate the best rates for you.

24/7 Dispatch support

2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC can provide 24/7 dispatch support. Our goal is to Provide you with the best regional, yet local service.

Strategic Trip Planning

2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC makes it easy to plan trips, create routes, and track driver progress in real-time.

Factoring Referral

By referring a business associate you help them to boost their business and earn more profit.

Broker Credit Check

2B1ASK1 Logistics LLC understands that you are busy trying to grow your business and so we are willing to take in these little tasks.

Contact us today to find out how our freight dispatcher service could help you maximize your earnings!

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